The Kabbalah of Dreams



What do dreams teach us? Do they reflect deeper dimensions of our psyches? Can they help us grow?

Dreams have always mystified and mesmerized us by their sheer enigmatic paradoxes – at times reflecting deeper truths and at times seemingly meaningless nonsense, and often a combination of both. They bring together disparate and even contradictory details, in absurd and bizarre ways. They are deeply mysterious and intriguing experiences — as if from an alternative reality; one that does not follow the ordinary rules of logic and structure. Psychologists, poets and romantics throughout the ages (dating back to Biblical times!) are enthralled by dreams, trying to decipher and make sense of their cryptic messages: What lies behind their mystique?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating journey into our inner psyches. Discover how dreams open up a door into another reality. They offer us a glimpse, a peek behind the curtains of perception, into our supra-conscious, Learn what the mystics say about the deeper forces that make you tick; about dimensions of yourself that remain mostly concealed beneath the surface and tip of the iceberg level, allowing you to channel their beauty, potency and potential into your conscious life.


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