The Kabbalah of Horoscopes: Is It Written In the Stars?



Is your life predestined and predetermined? Or do you have control over your destiny? Do you have free will?

So much of your life seems fixed in place without any of your input. Beginning with your very nature, personality and genetic makeup, followed by the influences of your home, family and education that shaped you and your attitudes, and finally different life experiences — all factors that defined you and your life long before you became an independent adult (if there is such a thing) and were able to make choices. It then would seem to logically follow that we are products, if not victims, of circumstances.

Well, not so fast.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover a new perspective that has the power to change the way you see yourself and your life. Explore deeper mystical truths that will take you on a journey beneath the surface of our fixed structures and deterministic universe and reveal nondeterministic forces, containing a vast range of possibilities, which when tapped into, allow you to transcend your defined life and influences, and exercise true freedom. Learn how you control your destiny — you determine whether you will be a product or a creator of circumstances. Find out how to travel beyond the stars and experience new vistas and possibilities.


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