The Kabbalah of Jekyll and Hyde



Good and evil has always intrigued and mystified us. Each one of us has both a beautiful and ugly side. It may be called light and shadow, noble and cruel, selfless and selfish — whatever terms you use — these two forces are real within you and I. And they are in perpetual battle: Which voice will prevail?

But there are deeper and critically important questions about the good and evil potential within us. Are you primarily one or the other? Or are they equal powers? Are some of us wired to be better and other wired the other way? Can we separate between the good and the bad, or is every move we make a combination of the two? Is there good without bad, and bad without good? And perhaps the biggest question of all: What exactly is evil? Can we harness and transform the bad?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating exploration of the roots of good and evil. The journey begins by tracing our way back to the story of the mysterious Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. What type of tree was this? What is wrong with eating from a tree that allows you to know good and evil? What were the consequences of this event and how do they impact us today? Since God is all good, where does evil originate from?

In this powerful presentation — using Stevenson’s classic about Dr. Jekyll’s experiment to separate his kind and his ugly nature — discover the inner soul of good and bad, and its application to our lives today.


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