The Kabbalah of Psychology: The Study of the Soul



Psychology – the study of the soul – is not a modern phenomenon. It is an inherent part of the human condition. As long as human beings have been in existence, we have been seeking and struggling to understand what makes us tick. What forces shape and define us and our behavior? How much potential do we contain? Are we intrinsically selfish or selfless? How much of our lives is controlled by pre-wired circuitry and how much is in our control? Can we overcome fear, insecurity and distrust? What is love?

Obviously, the more we understand our inner workings — the DNA of our psyches and souls — the more we can grow and improve the welfare of our lives and our relationships; the more we can transcend our fears and anxieties.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating journey into the earliest origins of human psychology. Plumb the depths of the psyche and the roots of human consciousness and beyond. What defines a healthy psyche? What is the genesis of dissonance and duality? Is consciousness our ultimate state? Are we doomed to living fragmented lives? What can we learn from a newborn about our natural selves?

A remarkable analysis of the Tree of Knowledge story in Genesis reveals for us the core of our beings, what is our calling in life, how we should look at ourselves, even when we betray ourselves, and how after we have wandered off, we can retrace our steps to regain a state of seamless fusion with our purest essence.


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