The Meaning of Death in Kabbalah



The very word death fills our hearts with dread. We consider it as unfathomable as it is inevitable. But what exactly is death? What happens at that moment when soul and body separate? In truth the mystery of death is one with the mystery of life: What happens at the moment of conception when soul and body meet and join?

Medicine and science deal primarily with the causes of illness and death — and ways of battling it, to help  prolong life. They address the definition and symptoms of health, life and death in biological terms. But there is clearly so much more. Why do body and soul need to separate in the first place? Where does the soul go to after death, and where was it before birth? Cam we connect to souls after their passing? Do our love and relationships live on after death? The questions are many. The answers few.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for a fascinating journey into the mysterious world of life and death and discover secrets of your own life journey. The soul’s journey never ends; it simply goes through different stages and states. By understanding the deeper meaning of death you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for life.


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