The Mysterious City of Chevron
[Parshat Chayei Sarah]



Why is life so rife with struggle? Is there a way for us to reconcile the various voices and demands tugging at us — both within our psyches and from people around us? Can we find inner peace among the conflicting forces surrounding our lives?

Why, of all places, is there more strife in Israel, and especially in Jerusalem and Chevron, than anywhere else in the world spanning most of history?

Some of the greatest secrets of life can be found in ancient events. This week we read in the Torah about the city of Chevron. How 3691 years ago Sarah passes away and is buried in that city. Until this day Chevron remains a hotbed of conflict. Why? And what personal lessons does that taech us?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Chevron/Chayei Sarah workshop and discover how the mysterious city of Chevron contains the secret of integration: finding harmony in a diverse and divisive universe — both in the microcosm of our personal lives and the macrocosm of the world at large.


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[Parshat Chayei Sarah]”

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