The Secret to Giving Birth
[Parshat Tazria]



Birth. The very word describes a mysterious process that carries the secret of all life and everything we cherish. Our own birth signifies the beginning of our journey on earth. Few wonders and delights compare to the birth of our children. The birth of ideas and concepts, the birth of movements and methodologies, the birth of technologies and medical breakthroughs, the birth of the dawn after a long night, the birth of a new era and a new world order — all beginnings are as enigmatic as they are fascinating. What existed before the birth? What causes a new birthing? When things are running a certain way, what suddenly changes to bring about a birthing? What ingredients fuel the dramatic change, the shift from the status quo, transitioning from a past state to reach a new state?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this unique Hachodesh/Tazria/Birthing workshop and discover the anatomy of new beginning and the secret process that brings on birthing. Learn the compelling parallels of various forms of birthing — from the cosmic to the historical, from the psychological to the personal — and how the birth of the Jewish nation in the Egyptian Exodus teaches us methods on how to free ourselves of our own monotonous routines and create new birthings in our own lives today.


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[Parshat Tazria]”

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