The Zodiac: Is My Life Predestined?



Do you control your destiny or is your life predetermined? Is the Zodiac real or a myth? Do its signs play any role or have any significance in our lives?

These are not theoretical questions. If our lives are predestined, then we must wonder whether we have any free choice. And the answer to that question has far reaching implications in our lives. If your destiny has already been determined then what meaning does your life have and how invested will you be in your choices and decisions, which can’t change your outcome? What hope is there for someone who is predestined to suffer? A life that is controlled by forces beyond ourselves essentially renders us powerless.

All these issues are acutely amplified in these disruptive and uncertain times, when we are clearly not in control of of schedules and futures.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this vital talk about the very meaning of our lives — about the essence of our beings and our contributions. Are we pre-wired programmed machines, like the entire universe, governed by the deterministic laws of nature? Or do we humans have the ability to transcend the parameters of our defined structures? Discover how your soul has the power to break free of the confines of existence and of your predispositions — and how you can indeed control the unfolding drama of your life. How you hold in your hands the destiny of your life and the destiny of the world.


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