Toldot: Non-Partisan Lessons from the Mid-Term Elections



Who won the mid-term elections?

Whether you hate or love President Trump, the split results of the elections offers us an extraordinary lesson: The power of balance. Despite the fact that the elections were not determined by one coordinated region, but by many different districts, scattered coast to coast, the end-game result was that the consensus of this country is to have a balanced government, one that is not controlled by any single party.

This is not a small matter; one that should not be underestimated. History is fraught with nations and empires who were torn apart by the conflicts between opposing parties, or have imploded or exploded in the hands of one individual or party, or in the most extreme case – the inordinate or absolute power and authority of one leader, despot or monarch. So it’s quite an achievement – actually an unprecedented one – to have a nation like the USA which is peacefully governed by people from different, and even opposing parties.

The historical and spiritual roots of this balance and harmony can be traced to the story of Jacob in this week’s Torah portion.

And therein lies the fundamental strength at the heart and soul of this nation: Balance. The divinely inspired wisdom of the Founding Fathers established a republic whose governance would always remain checked and balanced. This is based on the universal truth that all of us are created equal, and E Pluribus Unum – a truth that is not just bi-partisan; it is non-partisan – one that is beyond politics and transcends all our differences, while uniting us all.

Indeed, we can derive some powerful lessons from this balance of control – this level of checks and balances – both in our collective and personal lives.


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