Toward a Meaningful Lag B’Omer: Making Lag B’Omer Relevant



By Simon Jacobson

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Whether you are running a parade or a family outing, whether you need to share a few words or give a class or lecture related to Lag B’Omer, whether you are in need of fresh new stimulating and relevant material (and don’t have the time to do all the research), this guide is the perfect Lag B’Omer resource that contains everything you need to know about Lag B’Omer and its personal relevance to us, including a summary of the Rebbe’s Lag B’Omer thoughts – presented in punchy form, peppered with many of the Rashbi’s Torah’s – and the lessons they teach us.


  • What is Lag B’Omer?
  • Who is Rashbi and what is his significance?
  • What special laws and customs do we keep on Lag B’Omer?
  • What are the Rebbe’s primary Lag B’Omer directives and teachings?
  • What is the inner meaning and relevance of this day?
  • What special role do children play on this day?
  • What are Rashbi’s key Torah’s, adages and stories, and their lessons for us today?

An indispensable Lag B’Omer resource booklet that can be used in multiple ways

  • Short, powerful gems to share at a Lag B’Omer parade, outing or BBQ
  • Special material geared toward children
  • Excellent source material – culled from Chassidus and the Rebbe’s sichos – for any Lag B’omer related class, lecture or sermon
  • Nuggets to include in your emails, website, or other communications with your community
  • An easy-to-use guide loaded with useful and fascinating Lag B’Omer facts and anecdotes, plus a variety of ready to use thoughts and stories



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