Toward a Meaningful Mood: Turning Your Dark Moments into Light






Everyone has moods – good moods, bad moods, highs and lows. A big part of life is balancing our moods, appreciating the bright moments and dealing with the duller and darker ones. Toward a Meaningful Mood is a revolutionary take on moods in general, and specifically how to transform the bad ones into good. By analyzing and addressing the core issues at the heart of a bad mood, it offers meaningful solutions to a very personal and pertinent issue. Toward a Meaningful Mood will supplement your self-help and self-betterment arsenal so that next time you are faced with a dark disposition you will be armed with illuminating skills to understand and transform it. By bringing more growth into your personal life, you will make a more meaningful impact on the world.

Toward a Meaningful Mood includes over 90 pages of insights, Meaningful exercises (MeXercises) and Tranquil meditations (MeDitations). It will change the way you see moods — and eBooks — forever!

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