Triggered Emotions: Advice for Holiday Family Time



Nothing triggers our emotions like going home and seeing our parents and families. Etched in our psyches, for good or for bad, are all that we experienced in our impressionable childhood years.

During this holiday season, when many of us spend time with our families, all types of feelings arise. For some, it’s a beautiful time, evoking the warmth and love of our relationships. Others, at the other extreme, dread going home. Their toxic and dysfunctional families make them anxious and fearful. Many others have mixed feelings, fluctuating from the brighter to the darker. But one thing is certain: no one is neutral when dealing with their home and family.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and learn how this season offers us an excellent opportunity to probe and examine ourselves and our emotional lives. Discover tools how to become a healthier, more secure and confident person, and develop greater strengths to actualize your potential. Whether you grew up in as nurturing home or in a challenging home, this time of year can help you grow your love and self-esteem, and build strong immunity to unhealthy forces in your life. You have tremendous resources, and it’s time to access and express them.


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