Tzav: Decadent Judaism



Is Judaism a luxury or a commodity? Does the Torah demand that we live extravagantly or minimally? Does the Torah want us to enjoy this world or to remove all spice from life? If life were a feast, would God want it to be an all-out gala celebration, replete with carving stations and exotic sushi bars? Or should the meal of life be a humble offering of simple bread and water? Part of the answer comes from this week’s Torah reading, which describes a low-cholesterol law prohibiting Jews from consuming certain fats from certain animals. But what personal message can be learned from this low-fat law? Perhaps the nuanced description of Achashverosh’s 180-day feast of gluttony and excess, and Chaim Potok’s presence at a Chassidic gathering on Purim 1973, might provide the answer to the fatty questions of life and teach us an invaluable lesson in how to see everything we do and everything we achieve as a means for a luxurious and divinely decadent lifestyle.

This sermon is so invigorating and stimulating, you will probably drop ten pounds while reading. (Results may vary. Do not consume before consulting with a healthcare professional.)


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