Use Your Weakness for Growth – Lessons from the Lunar Eclipse



This week a a rare celestial occurrence took place: A supermoon (when the moon is at its closest point of orbit to Earth, making it appear about 14% larger) coincided with a total lunar eclipse. Some call it a “super blood wolf moon,” due to the reddish tint the moon takes on when fully eclipsed. The eclipse was visible across the entire U.S. for 62 minutes on Sunday night, as well as South America and parts of Europe and Africa. This combination happens roughly 20 times in a century.

What lessons can we glean from this cosmic event? The mystics teach that we are each a microcosm of the moon, and the moon’s movements and cycles are reflected in our personal lives. What does this unique supermoon eclipse teach us about ourselves and our experiences and relationships?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he deciphers the personal, psychological and spiritual significance of the eclipse, and how it reveals the deeper meaning and the mysterious power contained in the “eclipses” in our own lives. Discover how the moon and its phases and cycles, its waxing and waning, eclipses and revelations can teach you to uncover your innermost strengths, and navigate the vicissitudes of your life.


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