Vayakhel: Stress and its Antidote



Does work stress you out?

Does that question stress you out?

Not to worry, this sermon will relax you – as it explains the God-given antidote to work-related stress.

It’s called…

Wait, not so fast. First you have to know the purpose of work. Do you live to work or work to live? When you know why you work, then work becomes your servant. Instead of you working, work works for you.

The interplay between the sweat and tears of building a Sanctuary for the Divine (work) and the simple serenity of being (Shabbat, the antidote to work) contains the secret to de-stressing (which is way different than distressing).

When you remember why you are building the building, you can work one hundred hours in joy. When you don’t know why you are building the building, one minute feels like torture.

This sermon stresses that point.


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