Vayechi: Can We Mortals Become Immortal



Do you want live forever? Do you want to achieve immortality? Do you want your love relationships to last till the end of time?

No problem – all you have to do is to transform your earthenware body into a glass vessel for your soul. But is this a fantasy or truly possible? This week’s Torah reading says it’s actually, really possible. It says that the answer is crystal clear – clear as a crystal glass that is indestructible and immortal. This sermon analyzes some fascinating passages from an enigmatic Talmud and along the way reveals a little known reason why we break a glass under the chuppah, explains how it was that Jacob (though eulogized, embalmed, and buried) did not really die, and answers the question once posed by New York Magazine: What Do a Bunch of Old Jews Know About Living Forever?


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