Vayeira: Do You Love G-d More than You Love People?



If God came to visit you – offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity – what would you do if you saw a few strangers wandering about?

One of the most troubling stereotypes about religion – and one that is unfortunately very often true – is that God-fearing people are more sensitive to their own beliefs than to other people. Seeing themselves as on “God’s side” and fighting a “holy” war, they barely consider the existence of the “heathens” and “infidels,” never mind caring about their needs. As a result, such “people of faith” are perceived by others as being arrogant, condescending and judgmental … and with good reason.

Well my friends, today we shall learn that not only is this attitude wrong, but it is a gross distortion and abuse of true faith. Nothing is worse than ignoring another human being. And you really don’t love God if your love for Him does not cause you to be more sensitive to His creatures. As we learn from none other than the pioneer of all religion – Abraham – as we answer some fascinating questions:

When God comes to visit Abraham, how does Abraham have the chutzpah to turn away from God and greet the three wandering strangers?! Would that not be considered rude if done to a mere mortal let alone to God Almighty?!

Why was Rabbi Yehoshua ben Prachiah rebuked for rejecting his student (none other than Jesus)? How does this teach us volumes about the trappings of religious selfishness and the lengths we have to go


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