Vayeira: A Postcard From Sin City



Some 3,700 years ago, the wealthiest nation in the world was also the most corrupt. It was a filthy rich city-state, the key word being filthy. It was a foul city, an evil city, a wicked city.

It was the original Sin City.

The four judges who ruled it were named: Liar, Deceiver, Forger, and Perverter of Justice.

And, finally, God had had enough. He turned this Sin City upside down – literally turned on its head – and that was the end of that.

What can we learn from the evil ways of Sodom? What can the wickedness of its denizens teach us today, so that we may use our wealth, resources and power to turn the world back over, put the world back on its feet? What can Sodom teach us about our current situation – when the chief upholder of law and order, our government, shuts down?

And, most importantly, what lessons can we learn in our personal lives so that we use everything we have to act with empathy and righteousness? How can Sodom teach us to be better husbands, wives, parents, bosses and friends?

In addition to a provocative parable about a raven and a nightingale, this sermon examines key points of Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables, which is set in mid-19th century Paris – a more modern version of Sodom – to discover what it means to be righteous.


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