Vayeishev: Do You Have a True Friend?



Do you have a true friend in this world? Someone you can speak with as you speak with yourself, with no defenses and no fears? Someone you can totally trust?

This week’s Torah reading teaches us – through the story of Joseph – the meaning of true friendship.

From it we learn a surprising element in discovering friendship: We ought not wait until people are nice to us to extend love and friendship to others. We find a friend by becoming a friend.

A powerful story with the Rebbe captures this message. It also teaches us the role of a Rebbe and of Chassidus – which many people wonder about, and is especially appropriate to speak about today as we come from Yud Tes Kislev.

However, like everything precious, being and friend and seeking out a friend, takes effort and courage. The good news is that Joseph pioneered and paved the way for us. His efforts to reach his brothers with love and friendship opened the door for all of us.

Even when faced with hostility and apathy, we can reach out, we can and must be proactive, and we can break through and not only bring friendship into this lonely world, but also eliminate the dark and hostile forces of resistance.





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