Vayeishev: Wine And Grape Jews



Please, allow me to begin whining – I mean wining.

Let us enter the proverbial vineyard, walking beneath the ripe vines, the triangular clusters holding a strong grip – and grape – on us.

Within these little orbs lie the mysteries of the world and the potency of the finest vintages.

We journey back to the family Rothschild, the barons of banking, chateaus and wine. Then we journey further back to a prison in Egypt, where a young handsome man interprets a dream of wine – and brings freedom to dreams and dreamers for all time to come.

When Pharaoh’s chief bartender related his wine dream, an intriguing Midrash tells us that Joseph replied “you have given me good tidings.” What type of good news did this wine dream contain? We find the answer in a fascinating piece of Talmud which describes the significance of the vine and its four unique features.

From this week’s Torah portion, we learn to become wine stewards and winemakers. We learn the four elements of a grapevine and the secret of freeing ourselves from our inner “prisons” and inhibitions, and discovering greatness. We learn to fulfill our deepest potentials.

Whoever said whining doesn’t help never had this type of wine.

This sermon is picked directly from (what we call) di vine!


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