Vayeishev/Chanukah: Dissenting Voices



Do you ever argue with your siblings or friends? Are those arguments beneficial?

It seems natural, especially for Jews, to disagree about things. Just witness a Shabbat table, a Chanukah party, a Seder or any other Jewish function. One opinion at a table would be boring, and not very Jewish…

But how do we ensure that dissenting voices don’t divide us but always unite us? How to ensure that all the voices of Judaism are perpetuating one unified vision?

The answer lies in Joseph’s two dreams, his brothers’ reactions to them, and the pen Jacob took in hand to write down the exact moment and place this historic moment occurred.

Like the various branches which were all part of the one solid Chanukah Menorah, the various voices of Judaism and individual paths of serving the Creator are lamps that make up one great candelabra.

The key is to find harmony within diversity; to preserve the one larger unifying vision, and ensure that the many voices are focused on this larger vision.

We do this by taking pen in hand to write about the oneness, not about the discord.


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