Vayigash: Torah, Cuba, Cigars and Cops



What is the connection between the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn, Cuban cigars and Torah?

The solution to differences.

In this week’s Torah reading, the family of Israel is about to leave the illuminated spirituality of their homeland for Egypt. And nothing could be more diametrically opposed – spiritually, philosophically, ideologically – than the light of Israel and the ungodly darkness of Egypt.

How to deal with the darkness?

  1.  By preempting the darkness and never allowing it to become a staple.
  2. By establishing lighthouses before we begin to traverse the stormy seas of life.

This is how the police and the NYC mayor, and the United States and Cuba may bridge their differences – by going to a place that precedes their differences.

And this is how we may do the same with the discrepancies in our own lives.


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