Vayishlach: 6 Ways to Win Any Battle



How many best selling books have been written on how to confront adversity? How many seminars have been delivered teaching us methods to face our challenges?

One of the oldest and most influential books on military strategy, The Art of War, was written over 2500 years ago, attributed to Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military general and strategist.

But would you believe that even before that, over 3600 years ago, we have the first ever documented strategy how to face any enemy and win?

This strategy is described in our weekly Torah portion: The momentous/archetypal confrontation between Esau and Jacob offers us monumental lessons on dealing with our own challenges. Most importantly, how we can reconcile all the warring factions within us and without, including the ultimate battle between matter and spirit – between selfishness and dedication to a higher calling.

This sermon presents six lessons of how to fight the good fight and win, keeping in mind that the ultimate objective is not to destroy but to transform the enemy … not to annihilate adversity but to channel it.


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