What Are You Afraid Of?
Parashat Nasso



A new way to fight fear — with fear.
Fear is one of the most complicated and underestimated forces that shape our lives and our daily decisions. How you identify fear and how you fight it will determine the course of your life. The first step in virtually every form of growth i overcoming the fears involved.

Can you list the top three things you are most afraid of? If you can do that. you are probably ahead of most people. The reason being: most of us are simply unaware of our fears. This isn’t a small matter. Your fears are one of the key factors — if not the top one — that impede you from achieving your goals and being successful. Fear (real or imagined, of the known or the unknown) is an invisible enemy that holds us trapped in its tentacles, often paralyzing us from moving forward and spreading our wings. But is knowing your fears and concerns enough to conquer them? What else can we do to not merely face our fears, but to transcend them?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this life empowering presentation, broadcast from Jerusalem, Israel  and discover how Jerusalem teaches us a new way to fight fear. Logic would seem to dictate that we battle fear with forces like courage and confidence that eliminate fear. Counter intuitively, Yerusholayim, which consists of two words yirah sholom (complete fear/awe) reveals for us that the most powerful way to eliminate negative fear — fear of others, fear of failure, and all forms of insecurity — is with a greater and mightier… fear: Embrace a healthy fear/awe of the divine and it will overshadow and deplete unhealthy fears of the world that haunt and eat away at us. Bind your greatness to what is valued by other mortals, then you have written your own script of doom by casting your lot into the hands of the impermanent. Connect to the eternal and you become less frightened of the ephemeral.


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Parashat Nasso”

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