What Can We Do About the Recent Massacres
[Parshat Mikeitz]



The most prevalent feelings, beyond pain and horror, evoked by the recent San Bernardino massacre — among the daily attacks in Israel and the other violence being perpetrated worldwide by Muslim radicals — is confusion and helplessness. What do they want from us? Why are they randomly killing innocent people? What can we do about it? Wars can be fought and won when the enemy, his location and motives, are clearly defined. But what do you do when they are shrouded in mystery, lurking in places you cannot see? Or even worse, when people stick their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the enemy? Psychological and ideological warfare is the hardest to wage. A weak enemy can overcome great armies with subterfuge and deception, thriving in face of confusion, feeding off the disorientation of their victims.

What can be done when we see a glaring void of leadership in these trying times? Leaders are meant to stand up, rise to the occasion, clearly state a well developed winning strategy, and instill a sense of confidence and courage in their people, as they forge ahead toward certain victory. What do we do when such leaders are so glaringly missing? This only compounds the fear and demoralization.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this illuminating and empowering Chanukah workshop and discover the 2154-year old proven formula of piercing darkness with light, exposing the covert enemy and transforming night into day. Learn how wars — especially this one — must be fought, not just with weapons, but with ideological light and spiritual direction. Listen to the Chanukah flames and learn invaluable lessons in vanquishing any menace or threat, no matter how formidable. Find out the secret power of light and how it can conquer fear and change your life forever.


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[Parshat Mikeitz]”

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