What Kabbalah Teaches Us About Manifestation



Manifestation? “What exactly is that,” you may be wondering. Well. in short it’s about being present — about “showing up” and being immersed and invested in your life experiences. How often do we have our foot halfway our the door, afraid to commit due to the risks involved? How often are we not fully present in a relationship or even a conversation? It may be for good reasons — lack of trust, fear of being hurt, past disappointments and wounds. But we can also be trapped in our patterns and “comfort zones”, not allowing us to fully engage.

We all have our defense mechanisms and escape hatches to run to for protection when we feel threatened. We have our masks and suits of armor. But have our masks become our identities? When important opportunities and healthy love can we be missing out on because we don’t know how to fully manifest and engage? How can we improve our being present?

The surprising answer to these questions comes from an unexpected source: Kabbalah. The mystics map out two dimensions in Divine expression and cosmic energy: One that transcends existence, and one that manifests in existence. The mysterious mechanics of these two dimensions and how they interact contains invaluable insights and lessons for us.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he examines the parallels between Divine manifestation and human manifestation, and presents methods and tools how the former can teach us how to become more comfortable in our own skin, and more present and manifest in our lives and relationships.


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