When Your Reality Is No Longer Real



Today’s global pandemic has upended people’s entire realities. Whatever we thought was real and reliable just a few weeks ago, has now been destabilized and stripped away from us. Our schedules, our jobs, our economy, our plans, our vacations, our children’s routines — virtually every aspect of our lives is no longer what it was. And what will tomorrow bring?

When our pre-existing realities are no longer serving us, we can either allow these earth-shaking events to unnerve and demoralize us, or we can view them as an opportunity that challenges us to ask what indeed is real: Our perceived realities of the past, or perhaps something far more grand and beyond our usual ostensible experiences?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson, in this must-view presentation, on a journey into an inner and higher reality — one that is far beyond our common superficial perceptions. Learn how to use this time, when our our existing systems and realities are under question and even crumbling, as an opening to experience a deeper reality. Discover new unprecedented horizons, and how to integrate them into your life and the life of your families and relationships.


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