Why Kabbalah Is a Secret



Kabbalah has recently become both popular and fashionable. Program Directors say that adding the word “Kabbalah” to a class title or to a subject line, is an almost instant guarantee for a larger response and a wider audience. Some attribute its attraction to its exoticism and aura of mystique. But what is Kabbalah? And why the secrecy surrounding it? (In Hebrew, it is actually called “sod”, secret, referring to the hidden esoteric teachings). Perhaps this can be understood by asking a broader question: Why are certain things considered secret, while others are not? What is the anatomy of a secret?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he takes us on a journey into the hearts of our psyches where our deepest secrets are buried. Learn to uncover and reveal these hidden dimensions; discover how to access this power and improve your life beginning at its surface. Find out the true and surprising meaning of Kabbalah and the significance behind its mystical secrets. Experience the expression of the inexpressible, define the undefinable, channel the in-deterministic into the deterministic — tap into the fountains of the most intimate recesses, and transform your daily existence.


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