Why Life Matters



Do you feel that you matter? That among 7.7 billion people on earth, and trillions of other forces in the universe, you are indispensable and your life is vital? This is not a small or academic question;  every decision you make, every move you take, is effected by how much you value your life. If you  feel that your life doesn’t matter much, then all your life choices and relationships don’t matter that much either. If your life is negligible then everything you do is also negligible.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses this single most important question: Do you matter? Discover a new approach to looking at yourself and your role in the world — a fresh perspective which has the power to transform your life, your choices and commitments.  Learn that your are indeed unique, necessary and irreplaceable — not just to you and your family but to all of existence!


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