Will There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East?



As our hearts tear over the senseless loss of lives in the latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East, one can’t help but wonder: Will it ever end? What will it take to achieve peace in the Holy Land?

Most, if not all, politicians, analysts, pundits and commentators — and nearly everyone else — have long given up hope on any comprehensive solution. After all we have witnessed, after all the attempts at peace, one need not even be a cynic be to be skeptical about the prospects.

And yet, has everything truly been tried? The Western world in general rejects seeing this war between Israel and Arab/Muslims in any religious context. Many feel that in our “enlightened” and “scientific” age, religion is not and should not be a factor. Rational people can sit down and negotiate, as they would any business transaction or merger, and come up with a mutually acceptable compromise. And then move on. However, faith and religious passions don’t work that conveniently.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this provocative presentation of a radical new approach. One that combines peace out of strength and a bold vision of the future. The true battle, he argues, is not with missiles and ammunition, but in the homes and schools that control and shape the impressionable minds of the next generation. Acknowledging that this may be a “naive” approach, Rabbi Jacobson contends that if enough of us can create a grassroots revolution, which challenges the status quo of the powers that be, we can indeed create true and lasting change, and ultimately establish a permanent peace.


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