Winning Life’s Battles
Parshat Ki Teitzei



Do you feel the world is a war zone and your life, a series of ongoing battles — psychological, emotional, at work, at home, with family, friends, or strangers? Are you drained by all these struggles, desperately seeking solace? Have you always felt this way? Or have you enjoyed times when you were at peace with yourself and those around you? Does the world you live in tend to feel friendly or hostile?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this “battle training” workshop and discover how your perception of your self affects your perception of the world: If you tend to see yourself as a victim, chances are you will become a victim. If you identify as a warrior, you have defined yourself as a fighter, always attuned to protecting yourself from hostile forces. However, if you regard yourself as greater than just a warrior, your life will not be defined by your battles. Winners are not forged by battles, but rather by attitudes. True victors have won long before a battle has yet to begin. Wars are neither fought nor won on battlefields; they are fought in our minds, hearts and souls. Learn how to change your perception of yourself; how to see yourself as a champion, and your battles will never be the same. Winners are always winners – even when they lose. Losers are always losers – even when they win.


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Parshat Ki Teitzei”

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