Word-Count: Do You Have a Book Inside You
[Parshat Vayigash]



Is there truth to the adage that “everyone has at least one good book in them?” Most people sure feel that way, with surveys showing that 81 percent of Americans believe that they have a book in them. Some cynics add that even if it’s true, most people would do best to keep their book right there — inside them… Obviously, this cynicism is based on a demeaning view of humans, with a touch of arrogance, especially coming from authors who somehow think that they are the only ones with a story to tell.

What does the Torah have to say about this? Something fascinating. Not everyone may have have the skill to write a book, but every single individual is an entire book of his/her own, with its own unique plot and distinct narrative. Do you know what your story is like?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this book-related Hei Teves workshop and learn how to discover the book within you — your exclusive chronicle, which tells the inner story of your life. Contrast that with the story of your outer, superficial life, your daily pedestrian routines and activities, and find out how to uncover the hidden choreography of your epic story and how to live that out.

Too many of us have had our story written by others. Isn’t it time to write your own, true, story?


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[Parshat Vayigash]”

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