Your Narrative: Three Ways to Tell Your Life Story
[Parshat Emor]



What does your life story look like? Can you choreograph your journey? Are you able to identify any patterns, define a route and plan the steps ahead? As strange as it sounds, we know more about the plots of many films than the plot of our own narrative.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Your Narrative workshop and learn how to connect the dots, plot the coordinates of your life trajectory, and weave your story into a cohesive narrative that will provide you with both focus and direction into the future. Find out how one word in this week’s chapter offers us three interpretations, three dimensions, three ways to tell your life story: First you begin by accounting the details of your life. Then you come to discern the story and the story behind the story, leading you finally to perceiving a crystallized vision of the hidden choreography which defines and lies beneath the surface of your journey. Uncover the most exhilarating discovery of your entire life: your story and your destiny.


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[Parshat Emor]”

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