Your Thoughts CAN Create Your Reality



How much control do you have over your life?

Conventional thinking — and in many ways, the prevalent current view — is that most of our lives are determined by circumstances out of our control. If one was born into a dysfunctional home or experienced trauma, for instance, then they will most likely have difficulties with trust and relationships. If one grew up in a toxic and unhealthy environment, that will shape their destiny. This deterministic view is quite fatalistic and frankly downright pessimistic and depressing.

Are we indeed simply defined by cause and effect? Or do we have the power to transcend our circumstances? Can we create a better reality than the “hand” we were dealt?

To determine whether we are – or we are not – a victim and product of our circumstances, we must first understand and define: Who am I essentially at my core, what makes me tick and what potential and inner resources do I contain?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for this important pre-Rosh Hashana talk and discover new vistas of your soul, that when tapped, go beyond the usual cause and effect forces of life. Learn how your mind and mindset have the strength to change the course of your future; how your thoughts generate energy and chemicals that can shape your destiny. And that even if you can’t control events around you, your mind and attitude can control your ability to navigate even the most difficult challenges.


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