Seven Steps Toward A Life Without Apathy


It might seem counterintuitive, but the the cure for apathy is preventing it. Even if you are already in a state of complacency and indifference, the best defense is a good offense. If you are feeling empty, useless, and like you can’t accomplish anything, use the following seven steps to jolt yourself back into action.

Step One: Identify a hobby, talent, or skill that you have. It should be something you’re good at and enjoy. Then connect your hobby, talent, or skill with something soulful. For example, use music to convey a message of hope. Use your talents as a spiritual way of helping others, creating enthusiasm and inspiration. Apathy is countered by triggering activity that your “heart desires.”

Step Two: Find kindred spirits. Connect with others who have similar interests and have similar challenges. There is a certain power and synergy in collaborating with different people. Brainstorm, communicate, even just show friendship. Cross-pollination will invigorate you.

Step Three: Use technology. Without leaving home, you can post something online. You can upload a video. You can collaborate with someone else in spreading a positive message. You can use emails and social media to share messages of hope and warmth. Share ideas and strategies to help address the challenges that we all face.

Step Four: Create an online group. Invite people with similar interest to join together as a community. Create an empowering space for networking and collaborations.

Step Five: Train the next generation (this step is for those who have children or are in nurturing contact with children). Every day, speak with your child or student about their unique, indispensable mission in life. Encourage the child to look for interests they gravitate to — a hobby, a skill, a talent. Encourage children to use their fertile imagination. To dream. Cultivate and direct these talents and imaginations — not just for their own artistic expression, but to help other people. Reward them for it. Let them talk about purpose and what it means to connect with a power higher than they are. On a daily basis, inculcate them with the message that they have something unique to contribute to the world. Encourage them to pursue anything that infuses them with that attitude.

Step Six: Become a leader. Generate something. Be proactive, not reactive. Influence, instead of being influenced. Initiate. Organize a class. Start teaching a small group or one on one. Host a discussion or book club. It can be in person or online — what matters is that is uplifting and forward-thinking. Seek out way to inspire others. Every time you initiate a good activity – it’s like giving birth, empowering us and infusing us with the feeling: “I am creating something.”

Step Seven: Every day ask yourself: Have I used the unique skills that I was blessed with? What have I done today to make my corner of the world a better place. A day should not pass where you have not used your particular strengths or skills in one way or another to inspire your sphere of influence, whatever size it is. This can be simply sending an email to a needy person, or visiting someone who needs support. Your contribution does not need to look monumental; it just needs to exist. Even the smallest positive action can have the most far-reaching effect. Know that every positive thing you do sends ripples across the material and spiritual realms.

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