Spiritually Thirsty


Another late night….and I am finishing the last of Toward a Meaningful Life…

(of course, you don’t know me….I am a just a reader who has felt compelled to write you and share my joy at discovering Toward a Meaningful Life…..)
……I read a small book this summer. A fable about “following your dreams.” It touched me, and awoke in me a need to address a spiritual thirst that I had long since ignored. I took from this book a lesson: that if you search sincerely, the Universe (and I understood this to be G-d’s Universe) will conspire to help you find what you are looking for. The problem was that I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for….I knew it had to do with G-d, and Judaism (for I always knew that this was home) –but I was not focused. Still, I remained open to possibilities…I kept my eyes open for them.

And with eyes wide open, during those surreal wee hours of the morning–when I couldn’t sleep–I was browsing online and read the tale of a young man’s recent discovery (or rediscovery) of G-d: for he had become a baal-teshuvah. He spoke about addressing this longing in the soul…for I have always known that if I got my spiritual house in order, everything else in my life would fall into place.
It was then recommended that I read Toward a Meaningful Life…

A spark was ignited that night…and it continues to enlighten me. Toward a Meaningful Life has moved me at times to tears. Tears of joy, from a soul that has been acknowledged! I have been reading other books as well, about Judaism. I have met other ”helpmates” online, including a Rabbis, who seem to appear with uncanny sensitivity to my search: but you remember, my eyes have been open, and I recognize them more easily now!

The road I travel, once covered with dust, becomes more clear to me, and my steps more sure. Toward a Meaningful Life and indeed the wisdom of the Rebbe, is a powerful guide.

Beautifully written…Thank you very much.


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