The Protector of Israel Does Not Slumber nor Sleep


We may have been sleeping. But we are no longer. We have been rudely, abruptly and brutally awakened. And now our eyes are wide open.

We have witnessed atrocities like never before and it has awakened a fire inside our body and soul. Where do we go from here? How do we channel the fire?

Fighting the war

Just as we need to fight the physicals war to protect innocent lives, we also need to fight the spiritual war.

On the physical front everything must be done in the immediate to protect Israel and the innocent people. We must fight back and we must defend our people. We must eradicate Hamas and all terrorism.

Simultaneously, we must remember that this war – as in past battles in Israel, all the way back to the Babylonian and Roman destruction of the Temples – is ultimately a spiritual and religious battle, reflecting the battle of all life.

The true battle of life is not for land, honor or wealth. It is for the dominance of spirit over matter. Our greatest challenge is not political but spiritual. It is about finding purpose and direction.

How do we do that?

We thus intensify our efforts in reconnecting with out inner purpose, through our increased study, prayer and charity, thereby creating internal harmony. Above all – we do all we can to battle divisiveness and foster love between each other.

As long as we do not understand the current confrontation – some call it a “clash of civilizations” – we will continue to be its victim, and be putting out fires in a never-ending, slowly bleeding vicious cycle.

The ultimate victor will be not the one with the most powerful weapons. It will be the one with the most powerful spiritual vision.

So while all peace-loving people grieve over the tragic loss of any life, and pray for the end of all hostilities – we must always remember that even while we are forced to deal with the physical challenges, there looms a much larger picture.

The universe is at war and has always been at war – the raging battle between materialism and spirituality, between personal gain and higher purpose, between matter and spirit, between evil and good. Center stage of this war – now and throughout history – has always been Israel.

So ladies and gentlemen: It is time to wake up.

Perhaps this is the power of the promise “hineh lo yonum v’lo yishan shomer Yisroel,” “Behold, the protector of Israel does not slumber nor sleep” – even when we may.

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Historic Wake-Up Call: Are We Responding?
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 @8:30pm
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7 months ago

Amen and beautifully said! Moshiach now and prayers for Israel and who need. Very blessed to have you all and all you do. Thank you!

The Meaningful Life Center