The Transcendent Sense of Humor


Can humor be used for spiritual growth? Absolutely! But, it has to be the right and dignified kind of humor. Cynicism, derision, and mocking are forces of negative energy. They hinder one’s personal growth and sense of purpose and meaning in life. However, some types of humor are excellent ways to connect to a higher purpose in life — to transcend your own perceived limits and to open up other people to their true potential. The following three types of humor do just that.

Humor That Opens Hearts

Some jokes have the ability to open hearts. When you use it to open up a heart — to create joy in transcendent things like learning spiritual concepts and doing positive, purposeful deeds in the world — then it becomes a very positive force. When we need to engage others in “serious” activities and they are resistant or emotionally distant, humor helps to break down those walls, and build trust and kinship. A resonating joke puts people at ease and helps them identify with you. Sometimes we need to open up a lesson or activity with something lighter — a release point. 

Humor That Reveals the Truth

There is a genre of jokes that reveal a deeper insight into things — a way of showing people the absurdity of life or demonstrating an insightful twist on society — with the intention of teaching, enlightening, and illuminating. Even in situations that are seemingly difficult, insightful humor can give you the inner majesty and internal peace to not be completely demoralized. It’s easier to live with the human condition when you can laugh at it.

Humor That Helps You Grow

Humor can be part of your spiritual growth and development. It comes in the form of jokes that help you lighten up and not take yourself so seriously. Sometimes you have to learn how to smile at yourself and at the difficult or intense situations you deal with in your life — it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Yet, almost all of us need to be able to step back and sometimes smile at ourselves in order to transform the darker moments in our lives to light.

A Blessing

May we all experience only laughter in our lives, and even when there are times where there’s a dip in our experiences, may that too turn into something that makes us smile.

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