The Truth About Vacation


By the Grace of G-d
12 Iyar 5727
Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Sarah Rifka Rosenbloom
501 W. 120th St., Apt. #6E
New York, NY 10027

Blessing and Greeting:

I duly received your letter in which you write that you and your husband are thinking of sending your son David to spend his summer vacation in a camp where Yosef Baumgarten is going to be counselor. This would be highly advisable, and for several reasons, and may G-d grant that he should have a wholesome and invigorating summer, both physically and spiritually.

Apropos of your mentioning your work with Tzach, I was pleased to receive reports from the Tzach administration about the productive meetings which you had organized, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. Like all things of goodness and holiness, which should be on the ascendancy, I trust that your work with Tzach will likewise be advancing from strength to strength.

At this point, I cannot refrain from reiterating a remark which I have frequently made in connection with the summer vacation months. It is this: Although this period is called “vacation time” and a time for rest and recreation, etc., clearly in regard to Yiddishkeit there can be no “vacation,” both in regard to one’s self and family, as well as in regard to benefits to others.

On the contrary, inasmuch as this is a period of time when other pressures and duties are lessened, and one has more free time available, it provides a particularly good opportunity to intensify all activities relating to Torah and mitzvoth. Since the Torah and mitzvoth “are our life and the length of our days,” there can be no interruption, G-d forbid, in life and vitality. On the surface it might seem that any particular limb or aspect of the body is in a state of suspended animation. It must not be allowed to remain so for long, and should again be stimulated into activity and vitality. It is surely unnecessary to expand on this to you.

Now that I have had the opportunity of meeting your daughter and her husband personally, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on having such fine children. I was particularly gratified to note your influence on them. May you and your husband enjoy true Yiddish nachas from all your children.

With blessing,



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