When You Can’t Turn Back the Clock


Theme: You Cannot Turn Back the Clock

When you have regrets about your past actions and experiences, it’s hard to face the reality that you cannot turn back the clock. The question arises: What can you do when you have regrets but cannot turn back the clock? The answer lies in the following:

Our Deeper Reserves

Do you look at the inner core of human beings — including yourself? Are you distracted by the outer tattoos, scars and other superimposed blemishes and issues? No matter how deeply etched they are, no matter if they may even be naturally irreversible, the fact remains that the inner essence of a person is beautiful and can prevail over any difficulty.

We all have our (physical or metaphorical) scars, wounds and bruises — some from the abuse of a dysfunctional childhood, others from errors of judgment, ignorance or inexperience. Some of these “defects” may be irreversible. Once we have lost our innocence, by imposition or by choice, and tasted from the “forbidden fruit,” we can’t always turn the clock back.

But that doesn’t mean that things are lost. It means that we have to dig deeper. Even if our scars are etched into our skins and beings, even when our wells get clogged, we have the power to burrow beneath them and discover deeper reserves.

At the heart and soul of the human being lies a supra-conscious state which transcends the common laws of society and the limited resources of our conscious faculties. The only way to free ourselves from the psyche of our desperate universe is to access this dimension within ourselves, and align our conscious lives with our supra-conscious identity, so that our daily activities are infused with the vision and clarity of our inner selves.

The Necessary Change In Attitude

In today’s society we have been programmed to think that we are dysfunctional “damaged goods,” most of us living lives of “quiet desperation” (as Thoreau put it). As we project this desperate attitude (quiet or loud) it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of doom, and any scars we assume just feed our resignation, with temporary bouts of respite. This attitude is categorically wrong.

The default state of social attitudes is a negative one, if for no other reason than simple empirical observation. Perspective defines everything. If we see man as inherently greedy and selfish, ready to do anything to survive, then our scars only feed into this depressing view of ourselves, that we can work around our blemishes but we can’t ever transcend them.

Freud, Darwin and other contemporary thinkers saw man this way. Essentially animalistic by nature – Freud’s id – with superimposed moral laws to keep society from falling apart. If, however, we see man as inherently Divine in nature – created in the “Divine Image” and carrying at the core a higher “supra-conscious,” than any scars or wounds only affect the outer layers, not our essential state.

Dig deep into your inner self — that is where you will find the resources that will allow you not to turn back the clock, but to transcend it.

Exercise: Start looking for your inner self. What do you know about it? What is your character below the surface? Do something that turns your inner self outward.  Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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