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Winners of the 2018 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest



First Place, $10,000 winner: Leibel Gniwisch. Teacher, Lamplighters Yeshivah. Home city: Montreal, Canada. Age: 24. English. Topic: Reclaiming Vulnerability.

Second Place, $3,600 winner: Chana Hendel. Shlucha, Athens, Greece. Age: 17. Hebrew. Topic: צעדים להתמודדות עם פרפקציוניזם. Steps to Dealing with Perfectionism.

Third Place, $1,000 winner: Shterny Tubul (nee Fogelman). Teacher at Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy. Home city: Natick, MA. Age: 21. English. Topic: And Choose Life.

Student Winner, $500: Menachem Mendel Yeshayahu. Student, Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim, Lod, Israel. Age: 16. Hebrew. Topic:”כוחות “שכליים” ו”רגשיים. Cognitive and Emotional Faculties.

Student Winner, $500: Yakir Havin. Shliach, Bais Menachem Youth Development Center, Shliach, Wilkes Barre, PA. Age: 21. English. Topic: Judging and Misjudging People: An Unlevel Playing Field.

Sixth Place: Levi Teldon. Shliach & Program Director at Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning in S. Antonio, TX. Age: 34. English. Topic: The Holy Cow Diet

Seventh Place: Shraga Crombie, שרגא קרומבי בית חב”ד, , אוניברסיטת רוטגרס, New Brunswick, NJ. Age: 37. Hebrew. Topic: אינטליגנציה רגשית חסידית

Eighth Place: Daniel Feld. Acupuncturist, Israel. Age: 29. English. Topic: HACK Your Addiction: Chassidus for the Smartphone Era.

Ninth Place: Aidel Cohen. Mobstub, Customer Service. Age: 23. English. Topic: Head or Heart?

Tenth Place: Avrohom Goldschmidt. Student, Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim, 770. Age: 22. Hebrew. Topic:הפתרון לשבר הפוסט-מודרני – ספירת החכמה. The Solution to Our Postmodern Crisis — Sefiras HaChochma.


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