7 weeks to a beTter you

Transform yourself and your life with "7 Weeks to a Better You", a self-paced personal growth course.

Discover how your emotions work and get in the driver's seat of your inner world.

Understand how your emotions are designed and learn to refine them, creating balance and harmony within yourself and in your relationships. 

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Evaluate and develop your tremendous emotional potential. Learn the seven facets of your emotional attributes that define the spectrum of your personality. 

Gain a clear picture of your inner psyche, and how to harness and enhance the forces that make you tick.

7-Week Personal Growth Course

Go at your own pace over a 7-week period.

Week 1: LOVE
What exactly is love and how to set a high standard for the love you seek to give and receive.

Week 2: Discipline
Explore discipline, and restraint — the attribute that defines discretion.

Week 3: Empathy 

Are you a compassionate person? Explore compassion and empathy — the attribute that defines harmony, beauty, and truth.


Week 4: Endurance

Find out what defines fortitude and ambition and combines determination and tenacity.

Week 5: Humility

Is humility a strength or a weakness? Learn about the attribute that defines modesty, sensitivity, and gratitude.

Week 6: Connection

Are you able to completely connect with another person? Learn how to bond and build an emotionally healthy relationship.

Week 7: Leadership

Find out how dignity and nobility within you enable you to be a leader in your own right.


*BONUS*: Making it Last

Ensuring your hard inner work lasts. How to perpetuate inspiration and stay motivated.

What's Included

7 Powerful Videos

Each class focuses on a different facet of your inner world and practical ways to refine it

Bonus Gift

Secrets to making inspiration and motivation for change last a lifetime

What our students are saying

"7 WEEKS TO A BETTER YOU" has been transformational for people of all backgrounds, life situations, and ages.

"A spiritual pharmacy"

 Dear Rabbi Jacobson, the good in you and from you comes across in a very clear, carrying, and warm way. Even earlier I thought of your work presented here as a sort of spiritual pharmacy. With this video, it became absolutely evident. I wish your "pharmaceutics" a wide wide reach and may whoever needs be healed by your precious precious words.

Ivana Z

"Changed My Life"

Since I started to follow this wisdom my life started to change completely for the better in every way. I feel calmer (and the people around me tell me this as well) because my mind is orderly and I have a focused direction in life now. Most importantly my whole being feels 100% certain that I'm moving in the right direction.

Victoria A

"Powerful Instruction! "

These classes have been amazing blessings and incredible lessons in the most important things in life. I am savoring and enjoying learning and meditating on all these emotional attributes and insights -- especially as to how to train the muscles and harness the emotions to achieve better balance... This is powerful instruction. Thank you so very much.

Brett S.

Understand your personality and emotions. Gain a complete picture of your psyche.

A total value of $799.

Yours today FREE.

Limited Time Offer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can access the classes anytime on any electronic device including desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What Will I Learn?

In this series you will learn the seven facets of your emotional attributes that define the spectrum of your personality, you will gain a clear picture — an “x-ray” — of your inner psyche, and how to harness and enhance the forces that make you tick.

How Long Will This Course Take? 

You can take all the time you need or go as fast as you want since this is a self-paced course. We suggest you set aside an hour a week for 7 weeks to listen to each class and do the suggested exercises.

Do I Have to be Religious or Believe in God to do this Program? 

Although this program is based on 4000 years of Jewish scholarship and mysticism — this is not a program for Jews — or believers of any specific religion.

What's Next? 

If you benefit from this course, please share your thoughts and experiences with us so we can better understand your needs. We can make some relevant suggestions and ways to continue your growth.

Meet your guide, Rabbi Simon Jacobson

One of today's most refreshing thought leaders, Rabbi Simon Jacobson is a pioneering speaker, educator and mentor to hundreds of thousands across the globe. He is the Dean and Founder of The Meaningful Life Center, coined "The Spiritual Starbucks" by the New York Times, which bridges the secular and the spiritual. He is the author of the best-selling book Toward a Meaningful Life which has sold over 400,000 copies and been translated into 13 languages. With his keen insight into the human condition, and over 40 years of experience, he is one of the most sought-after speakers today due to his unique ability to offer clarity and direction especially in difficult times.

“My Personal Mission Is To Help You Find Your Personal Mission”

The Meaningful Life Center