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The Meaningful Life Center is a spiritual wellness center, empowering you to discover your unique voice and find meaning in everything you do.

A Memorable Moment with Larry King Live: Covering the Life of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
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In 1994, amidst the communal mourning of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s passing, Larry King interviewed Rabbi Simon Jacobson bringing the historic moment to mainstream media.

Spiritual Solutions Within Traditional Treatments for Depression and Anxiety
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Nourishing the soul by adding a healthy spiritual diet to traditional treatments can open new channels of hope and confidence. The joy of the soul, in turn, weakens the debilitating fear and demoralization of the depressed psyche.

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The Dennis Prager Show

An energizing, thought-provoking conversation with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, discussing the changing landscape in the face of the pandemic, the American future, grappling with God and faith, death and afterlife and more.

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Rabbi Simon Jacobson Addresses the Supreme Court Ruling Against NY Governor Cuomo’s Restrictions on Religious Institutions
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In an historic moment, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision against NY Governor Cuomo’s restrictions over state-imposed Covid-related limitations on religious worship. Rabbi Simon Jacobson addressed the ruling and the precedent it sets on Newsmax National TV.

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The Next Normal with Sister Jenna

Sister Jenna and Rabbi Jacobson discuss Toward a Meaningful Life.

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Conversation About Suicide
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Rabbi Simon Jacobson discusses the value of life and emphasizes the importance of our mission here on this world. “As adults, as community members, as leaders, it is our job to be there for people when they need help.

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