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Kabbalah of the Zodiac Course

Presenter: Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Each of the twelve Hebrew lunar months exudes unique energy. Discover the regenerative power contained within them. Explore its mazal (sign), tribe and corresponding soul-dimension. Learn the secrets of your soul hidden in your Hebrew birthday month.

Visit the Jewish Birthday Calculator to learn which is your lunar month.

This 12-part online course includes:
Tishrei – Libra: The Month of Renewal
Cheshvan – Scorpio: The “Empty” Month
Kislev – Sagittarius: Tiferet – Secret of Harmony
Tevet – Capricorn: The Light Within Darkness.
Shevat – Aquarius: Joseph; Pitcher (Aquarius); Flexibility
Adar – Pisces: The Power of Joy
Nissan – Aries: The Month of Redemption
Iyar – Taurus: The Power of Human Initiative
Sivan – Gemini: Unifying Twin Realites – Matter and Spirit
Tammuz – Cancer: Summer Paradoxes: Highs and Lows
Menachem Av – Leo: Understanding Negative Energy
Elul – Virgo: The Month of Love

Join Rabbi Jacobson in this unique 12-part series to unravel the secrets of Jewish Astrology and the Zodiac signs