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In our ongoing effort to provide high quality content to enhance your work, we are pleased to offer MLC’s Sermons/Resources. Your membership gives you access to purchase an array of unique and original materials and programs that present the universal wisdom of Torah and Judaism in a sensitive manner that speaks to the heart of the audience and empowers you to serve the personal, spiritual and emotional needs of your constituents. Stimulating and inspiring, this thoroughly researched and annotated content can easily be incorporated and adapted to your style.

Access original content, excellent source material, touching and heartwarming stories, teaching curriculum, sermons and humorous anecdotes.

Learn how to extract the piercing psychological and spiritual applications from Jewish mysticism to improve the welfare of people’s lives and relationships.

Pierce the invisible barriers that can block out your message –to reach into the hearts of your listeners and enable you to identify with diverse audiences.

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For me it’s a challenge to find something in the weekly parsha that is applicable for modern life and the Meaningful Life Center knows how to make Torah meaningful on many levels. Thanks to the Meaningful Life Center, I know that I give a home-run presentation every time I speak to my congregation – whether at the pulpit or informally.

- Rabbi Michael Cohen, Chicago

I don’t have the ability to dedicate proper time to prepare talks and sermons with all my other communal responsibilities. I can rely on MLC to provide full and structured material that is original, relevant, heartfelt, deep, poignant, captivating, the perfect length, and that effectively brings down the teachings of Chassidus.

- Rabbi Aaron Seigel, Melbourne, Australia

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