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  • Reincarnation and Afterlife

    Where does the soul go to when you die? It’s a very distorted question. The premise is false. Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it’s cooling food. Now suddenly the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says… continue reading >

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  • Discover Your Spiritual DNA: 4-Part Kabbalah Workshop

    What makes us tick? Is there more to existence than we can see and feel? This four part series, titled Spiritual DNA, dissects the fundamental building blocks of existence. Just as DNA is a blueprint that contains the genetic instructions of all living organisms, the… continue reading >

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  • Transforming Your Community With Chassidus

    In honor of the Alter Rebbe’s 200th yahrzeit on 24 Teves – and in the spirit of the shturem the Rebbe made on the 150th yahrzeit (5723) – you are cordially invited to an exclusive webinar which will focus on how to apply the methodology… continue reading >

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  • Discover Yourself in a New Way: 5-Part Omer Webinar

    “Our greatest blind spot is seeing our true personalities; the secret to all growth is examining and perfecting our characters” The seven weeks following Passover offers us a unique opportunity to look at ourselves in a new ways and to access hitherto untapped reservoirs embedded within our… continue reading >

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