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The Meaningful Life Center is a spiritual wellness center, empowering you to discover your unique voice and find meaning in everything you do.

Newsmax: New Years Resolutions for 2022 with Simon Jacobson

Happy New Years from the Meaningful Life Center! Watch Rabbi Jacobson bring hope to the world in 20222.

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Lessons Learned: Where Chassidic Philosophy and Modern Psychology Meet

Rabbi Jacobson, Devorah Kamman and Eli Nash explore where Chassidic Philosophy and modern psychology meet.

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Apply Within: Coping with Mental Health Challenges

Join a frank discussion about coping with mental health challenges through the lens of Chassidic philosophy with Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Eli Nash.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Judaism

Rabbi Simon Jacobson answers some of his most frequently asked questions, including: Does Judaism believe in the original sin? Is hating someone ever ok? ...

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The Enlightened Executive

Why Knowing Your Life Purpose Makes You a More Effective Leader

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Rabbi Simon Jacobson Addresses the Supreme Court Ruling Against NY Governor Cuomo’s Restrictions on Religious Institutions
MLC in the News

In an historic moment, the Supreme Court ruled against NY Governor Cuomo’s restrictions over state-imposed Covid-related limitations on religious worship. Rabbi Simon Jacobson addressed the ruling and the precedent it sets on Newsmax National TV.

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