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Inside Time: A Chassidic Perspective on the Jewish Calendar.

Authored by renowned scholar Yanki Tauber, Inside Time is the most comprehensive overview of the Hebrew calendar ever published. Exquisitely designed in a beautiful slip-case, this landmark  three-volume set makes for the perfect gift. A true work of art which will adorn any bookshelf, Inside Time promises to become a classic and staple in every home and library.

Volume 1 covers the very nature and dynamics of time and its cycles.

Volume 2 covers all holidays and significant dates from Rosh Hashana through Purim.

Volume 3 covers all the holidays and significant dates from Passover through Elul.




Inside Time is a magnum opus beyond description. Rabbi Tauber has tackled one of the most enigmatic and paradoxical areas of metaphysical inquiry and produced a scholarly work of comprehensive scope, profound depth, and dazzling clarity. A work of this magnitude and quality offers invaluable knowledge, insight, and inspiration to experienced students of Torah and Mysticism and neophytes alike!

Dr. Yaakov Brawer
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine McGill University

Tauber...captures an essential insight, and then unpacks the idea as one might slowly unwrap a magnificently packaged gift.

Chana Silberstein 
PhD, Director of Education, Roitman Center at Cornell University
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