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A New and Exciting 
Chassidus Course

A year-long course of study exploring Chassidic perspectives on the Jewish calendar compiled
and arranged by Bassie Cohen. 

A project of the highly popular 


with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Course Includes

Yomim Tovim and Special Days

Explores the Chassidic dimension of the Jewish calendar and includes halachos of Yomim Tovim.

Teen-Tested and Approved

Brings Chassidus to teenagers in a relevant and engaging way by connecting lessons from special days on the calendar to daily life.

Source Lists

Each lessons contains text, source lists, stories and discussion points so teachers can easily access valuable and relevant materials.

Guided Notes 
Assignments and Tests

Key Chassidic concepts and halacha are grasped through student workbook, tests, assignments, and a teacher's manual.

“The Yahadus in my Life course is thoroughly researched, meticulously organized, and magnificent in both its depth and relevance to students in this day and age. As a direct result of the life lessons incorporated into the Yahadus curriculum, our students feel personally connected to each Yom Tov
and auspicious day on the Chassidishe calendar.” 

- Principal, Ohel Chana High School, CA

Topics covered in elul, tishrei and cheshvon

Elul: Teshuva: meaning, opportunity, and application

Rosh Hashana: Power of Tefillah

Yom Kippur: Teshuva/A Jew's connection to Hashem

Sukkos: 4 chassidic ideas on sukkos

Zayin Cheshvan: Dira B'tachtonim

Yud Alef Cheshvan: Ahavas Yisroel

Chof Cheshvan: Shlichus 


What Students Say


At the beginning of every class, the student workbook asked questions that have to do with everyday teenage life. As the lesson progressed, we'd realize that these every day problems are directly related to the Chassidic concept presented. The course made me realize that my personal life is directly impacted by the Chassidic concepts we learn.  

Chaya S.G.


“Yahadus class impacted me because it constantly makes you find connections
between basic Judaic fundamentals and living life as a Chossid. I have
expanded my knowledge in the Yomin Tovim and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim in a practical way that I can apply to my life.

Chaya P. 


The concepts I learned this year were personal, not just information I learned and forgot. This is Chassidus I will never forget. I've learned lessons in this course that I can apply to my life and guide me through it.  

Sara W.

Making Chassidus Relevant

• Chassidishe Yomim Tovim
• Hilchos Yom Tov
• Discussion Points
• Source List
• Assignments
• Tests
• Teacher’s Manual
• Student Edition Workbook

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