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How can we find security in these uncertain times? Fear is in the air. With a tottering economic forecast, the unstable Middle East, and our own personal upheavals — people are gripped with fear of an unknown future.

Purim carries the secret to finding security in our lives — true and lasting confidence in ourselves and our possibilities. Purim teaches us how (has the power) to uncover deep strengths.

When the world seems upside down, and the obvious is no longer predictable; when that which was so stable yesterday becomes unstable today, it is time to celebrate the inside-out world of Purim, where the obvious is not obvious and the not obvious is obvious; where the unexpected becomes expected and the unpredictable becomes predictable. Where the mysterious becomes revealed.

What You Will Learn

How Purim is a story of transcendence in your life

How Purim customs are a map to finding lasting inner joy

How the Purim characters are archetypal energies in the human experience

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Emerging Purim Patterns: 

The Connection Between Purim and the War in Ukraine

As Jews worldwide prepare to celebrate Purim, the war in Ukraine continues to rage and intensify. What is the connection between a holiday associated with happiness and perseverance and a war that is wreaking havoc and destruction? How can we enter this holiday with the unbridled joy, unwavering spirit and Jewish pride that is usually associated with Purim? And what lessons can we learn to help us cope with our personal lives and current world events? With all the upheaval and uncertainty around us, the powerful messages of Purim resonate now more than ever.

Let us dive into the story of Purim and discover the emerging patterns that will helps us connect all the dots.

One of the most striking elements of the Megillah (the scroll that tells the story Purim, which we read twice on that day) is not an event, but a non-event: G-d’s name is never mentioned in the entire book! Not once.

The primary reason for this is because in the Purim miracle G-d works behind the scenes. Yet, work He does; it’s up to us to recognize the underlying patterns in the ostensibly random events that led up to the miraculous conclusion. The primary reason for this is that in the Purim miracle, G-d works behind the scenes. Yet, work He does; it’s up to us to recognize the underlying patterns in the ostensibly random events that led up to the miraculous conclusion.

Purim is a story of extremes. First an impending holocaust is about to decimate the entire Jewish people. Wicked Haman has persuaded King Achashverosh to annihilate all the Jews in his kingdom, which meant the entire Jewish population at the time – who were under the control of the Persian superpower. Then, just as quickly as it came to be the decree is turned around and the Jews are saved, and Haman and his co-conspirers are hanged.

The amazing part of the story is its unobtrusiveness.

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